Plans for SoFoBoMo 2016

As I write this, it is June 14. That is 16 more days to the start of SoFoBoMo 2016 .

If you have never heard of SoFoBoMo 2016, it is a photography challenge where you take photos and make your very own photo-book in just 35 consecutive days.

The book topic: anything you choose. The only constraint is that the photo-book should have 35 photos, all shot in your 31 day SoFoBoMonth, and you make a pdf photobook from it and upload it to the SoFoBoMo website.

You get to pick your start date. Start anywhere from July 1 to July 31. Finish up in 31 days from your start date and you are done. And it is free.

So as of now, I am sitting and thinking of the possible topics of my book. The first year I participated, in 2009, I made Gogol . This didn’t qualify for SoFoBoMo since I didn’t finish within my cutoff – but I was hooked. Looking at the book now, some photos are repetitive, but the cover, the last photo and two others – I love them.

After Sunset Cover Then in 2011, I finished my first SoFoBoMo book – “After Sunset“. Photographs of the amazing California coast between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz, long exposures shot mostly just after sunset. I really loved making this book.

Shadows and Reflections cover

Then last year, in 2015, I made “Shadows and Reflections“. Photos on page 36 and page 37 are my favorites.

So what will be my topic for this year? As of now, here are the contenders.

  1. 35 – 360degree photographs – panoramas for print and the 360degree video for google cardboard on youtube.
  2. 35 star trails – this is probably very ambitious – it means I need to go out and take star trails every day – not to mention processing them
  3. 35 long exposure freeway lights from bridges
  4. Something to do with beaches – After Sunset 2 maybe? Or Seagulls unlimited?

When looking at these ideas, I need to not only think about how good the topic is – but also logistics: Os it doable? Is it easily doable? Should I shoot during day or night? Can I batch the shooting to two or three weekend days and be done with it? Do I love the topic?

Also, I am considering if I should mix words / quotes like After Sunset? So many ideas, questions to think through. Glad I have 15 more days.

So, you, who are reading this, why don’t you join me and other photographers making books this year? You can sign up at

My SoFoBoMo page –

June 16, 2016