Baby Blanket Project

July 11, 2013

A couple of years ago, when my friend was pregnant with her son, I had made – crocheted actually – a baby blanket and gifted it to her. So when I got pregnant, I fully intended to make a blanket for my baby too. But that never happened during my pregnancy – as   I was too busy climbing, going to yoga classes, our kitchen renovation, travelling etc

Then baby M came home.  I first decided to make the ‘Fluffy Clouds Baby blanket’ –  bought the pattern too. The pattern is very pretty, but the picots took too much time and yarn. Looking online, I came across this link to a very easy and pretty stitch – blanket stitch at So now, my blanket is being made using this blanket stitch.

I decided to make a ‘large’ blanket. As of now, one side of it is measuring 54″. This is going to be the ‘width’. I’m hoping for a length of about 54″ as well. After that, I plan to add a border to the blanket – using the border pattern from ‘Fluffy Clouds’. Make a few bright colored Japanese flowers and finish with some satin ribbon. That’s the plan.

More Details:

Hook Size: US F(3.75mm)

Yarn: Premier Angel Self Shading in ‘Baby daisy’ color.

Skeins used: 4 so far.

Project Ravelry Link:

Image 1 Image 2

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