January 21, 2015

This week, my usual posts are suspended as I take part in the Your Turn Challenge. As a part of this challenge, those of us who participate are committing to a daily post for seven days, starting today January 19th to January 25. You can read the posts of other participants here. Why am I taking part? Because – I want to get unstuck.


Books are so amazing and I am grateful for this gift – the love of reading – bestowed upon me.

The world is never boring with a book in hand. While reading the book, a good book, the ‘real’ world around you starts taking on the hues and colors of the book. I start noticing around me, what the author describes and writes in the book. In those really good books where the characters are powerfully and beautifully put forth, I have realized that I start to subtly behave similar to the character I most identify with. When I first realized this, I was taken aback, shocked and a little spooked. But I have now accepted this part of reading and it has become a fun game to be aware of my behaviors and notice when I manifest the book-influenced behavior.

It is not just the reading of books. I am most content working, studying writing at my desk, where I can see my beloved books. Over the years I have been trying to not just accumulate books – but only those I really really love. But what can I do if I love too many books?

There is a satisfaction in holding a paper book and reading it. But I enjoy reading on my kindle too. And my smartphone and my PC. I think I read flyers and road signs – anything with words, I can’t help but read.

I wonder if the other readers out there – do you react so emotionally and viscerally to books as well? Is your world when you are reading a book different from the world otherwise? How are your visceral reactions to a book/ I would love to know.

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