Excellence in every act

August 09, 2013

Have you ever tried this?To do every thing in the best way you can? For all of 5 minutes, try it out. To breathe in your best way – a nice slow deep breath. To sit in your best way – correct posture, erect. To stand in your best way. To read in your best way possible. With the right attention to every word, not skimming over words, reading what the author wrote and not completing the author’s sentences in your mind… I could go on and on.

I think this is what is called mindfulness – paying attention to even the smallest thing you do, giving it respect and doing it as well as you can.

You should try it. It is a little tiring. However the feeling of satisfaction is immense and I always feel at peace. However I almost always have difficulty sustaining it. My mind – the monkey mind – refuses the deliberate pace and trying to concentrate on one thing and keeps jumping from thought to thought, distracting me and I lose the mindful mind. However, it is one of the things I try to practice as often as I can, as often as I think about it – to do everything I do mindfully.

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