February 2016 Reading Log

June 06, 2016

Here is my reading log from February 2016. I read so many good books this month that I was brimming with creativity, good intentions, resolve, commitment and all the good things that happen when you read wholesome interesting books.

This is the month where I cannot recommend one book – but I will recommend a set of them.

  1. The first book is Mindset by Carol Dweck Why this book? Because it will change the way you understand yourself. Here is what Bill Gates has to say about this book. Here is what Maria Popova has to say about this book. Here is what Trent Hamm has to say about this book. ’nuff said. Mindset cover
  2. The second book – an audio book – is The Art of Possibility by Benjamin and Rosamund Zander. I found out about this book in Seth Godin’s talk with Tim Ferriss. This book features in the list of the audio books Seth Godin listens to repeatedly, some once per month. It is an excellent book, down to earth and uplifting at the same time. The narration is excellent, soothing, melodious. I will be buying this CD soon. The Art of Possibility
  3. The third book is also an audio book. This is The War of Art by Steven Pressfield .I have read this book many times. I read it once in 3 months as a source of inspiration, to fill up for my fight against Resistance and to remind myself of what it is I need to do. But this is the first time I listened to the book, the version I bought is narrated by the author himself. And I liked it as much as reading the book. The audio book recommendation came from Seth Godin’s audiobook list on repeat. War of art cover Feb 2016 reading log February 2016 Reading Log

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