From my pocket – April 2016 edition (on side projects)

May 02, 2016

Here is a post for the “From my pocket” series after almost 9 months. Looks like the month of April is the month in 2016 where I have actually hit my stride in posting here, and in the other projects I am working on. To celebrate, I decided that the theme for this edition should be side projects!

Side Projects

  1. Make three lists by Seth Godin – The project starter lists – or what we need to think about before starting our projects
  2. Great at Planning, Terrible at Executing: 10 Strategies for Becoming a Doer by Trent Hamm – On giving life to all our planned projects, on the process of becoming a doer than a wannabe-er…
  3. It’s not the tool on the Gaping Void email – “the gods you worship, will be the ones that eventually kill you. So choose your gods carefully, my friend, for by choosing how to live, you are also choosing how to die.”
  4. No more forever projects by Diana Kimball – On a phenomenon well known to me – the forever project which never dies…
  5. ** Your project deserves a good death by Christina Xu** – The solution to the forever project.

A favorite link: one of my all time favorite articles for those of us who like our projects a little too much – how to schedule our time – Paul Graham’s Maker’s schedule, Manager’s schedule

From my pocket

Like everybody, I subscribe to quite a many blogs, read many articles online and bookmark some of them using Pocket. This once-a-month series is a list of links in the past month which have stayed with me, resonated with me or entertained me. Basically, an eclectic mix of whatever-caught-my-fancy links.

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