Goals for 2015

January 01, 2015

Goals for 2015.

Here are my goals for 2015. These are goals for the year, the way the mountain peak is the goal when you start off on the trail at the foothill – a guide to where I think I want to go. The trail is sure to change, to twist around, to appear to take me in the opposite direction. As long as I am on that path, I should be good.

This year, to set goals, I consciously and probably subconsciously too, put to practice the stuff I read through the year.

From Tynan’s Superhuman by Habit – the concept of habit loading.

From Zen Habits, Tynan, Seth Godin, Steven Pressfield, Anne Lamott and others- the power of everyday habits, on looking long term.

From Warren Buffet and others – of culling and simplicity.

And many more I don’t recall right now.

To get to what you see here, I made a list of all the things I really want to do this year, made a list of who I would like to be, sorted the list in terms of what would be fun to do, what is essential for my sanity, what will be useful long term. And then came up with this list.

Apart from the ‘new’ goals, this year, I have added a column on things to sustain which began this year – since sustaining these are an essential part of working on the new goals.

After coming up with this table of goals for 2015, as recommended by Tynan in Superhuman by Habit, I am writing down, in longhand, why I have decided on each of these as goals, what are the pros of doing it and what are the cons. These are for later in the year, when there are going to be dips on the road and I am tempted to give up on these goals.

Work Goals Personal Goals Fitness Goals Things to sustain
* A challenging, fun project for work – which has the power to change my life, if I so dare. * Run SoFoBoMo again in 2015 – Jul 1 to Aug 31. And follow through on planned improvements if possible. * Top rope 5.12a at Planet Granite before Dec 31, 2015. * Continue to write 1000 words daily.
* Decide a design house and release new free themes under here for Flogr (and maybe WordPress and maybe Drupal). * Start a daily yoga practice – minimum of 6 Suryanamaskar sequences everyday. * Continue minimum 2 mins of meditation daily.
* Start a daily photography habit as per article on The Online Photographer – The Digital Year. * Continue to post 2 new posts a week on Rope and Tire, plus the two twice a month series.
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