Greed – The e-ink reader saga Part 1

May 09, 2016

Boyue in case I dream of Boyue

First there were only books – paper books. Then I saw my sister’s original Kindle and liked it. Then I became acquisitive. Then I bought me a Kindle Paperwhite.

Then I started reading books on Scribd. I talked about loving my kindle, but started looking at the Android based e-ink readers acquisitively. Over the months I did ‘research’ on the android e-ink readers and convinced myself that I needed one. Man is forever greedy…..

Well, then came December 2015 and post-Christmas, I ordered me one – a Boyue T62+. After finding a new home for my beloved Kindle Paperwhite, of course. I ordered a case for it as well – this one.

When the Boyue was on its way home, I had all these dreams about me and my Boyue. Oh, how I could would read Scribd books, and Kindle books on this device, how I would read pdf books and epubs and the occasional article as well! Oh my! How I would take notes, and how reading the Boyue at night would be so much better on my eyes than my smart phone, and less distracting. Same as the Kindle but better since I would no longer be tied to the Amazon Kindle ecosystem. What luxury. Me and Boyue would be best friends forever.

So, did the Boyue live up to my dreams, you ask? Well, you’ll have to wait till the next installment to find out, don’t you?

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