Lessons learnt re-staining a desk

August 05, 2015

We needed a new study desk. So I bought a West Elm Jay desk with hutch off Craigslist. It had marks due to regular wear and was a ‘chestnut’ color. So, I re-stained the Jay desk a reddish color – “Cabernet”. Now the whole place smells like wood stain and the desk looks awesome.

So, what did I learn from re-staining the desk?

  1. Sanding the table down is a lot easier than I expected it to be
  2. Staining the table was a lot more messier than I expected it to be
  3. The first two areas I stained were a lot slower and not as nice as the rest of my table
  4. Staining by brush and mopping the extra stain by rag was a lot of fun
  5. Humming to yourself makes work super-enjoyable
  6. Enjoyable work makes you hum to yourself
  7. Staining is a dirty work. Is that why it is fun?
  8. Cleaning myself and the area up took as long as sanding and staining

What I learnt also was that I absolutely enjoy making things, creating things, beautifying things and don’t mind the learning curve, or the time or how dirty it can get. And I also learnt that the things I fear and dread are not really that bad once I get started.

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