Losing my routine

March 30, 2015

I know I was supposed to start writing in the blog here two weeks ago. I fell off the wagon in Feb, and have been trying to get back on all of February and the early part of March. But this getting back has been very hard for me.

I have been trying to get back to my early mornings, my daily studying, my writing and other things, and I keep slipping again and again, frustratingly. I was wondering how to get back to my mornings, to my rituals, routines, and then I found this post at Slow Your Home – 3 Steps to Rediscover Your Rhythm. I thought I would go through the steps.

Step 1: Loss of Rhythm or lack of discipline

Am I just being undisciplined? Or is my rhythm out of whack? For about the first two weeks, it was lack of discipline. But now, no – I think something is truly wrong with my rhythm. Getting up early is good – but I need my 8 hrs of sleep. Yes, I should sleep early, but what to do when you are trying to put your daughter to bed at 8.00 PM but she fights it till 10?

Step 2: What’s new? What’s slipped?

Aha! Gold mine here. I have a set of new priorities. My highest priority right now is my well being and health – and this means getting 8 hrs of sleep, and playing everyday – climbing, yoga, hiking or biking – something. The other new thing I have is all the domestic chores of cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. – the everyday stuff, which I got a break from in December, January and February.

There have also been changes in the amount of works I need to do, and mostly my health – for some reason, I feel more fragile than ever before – both mentally and physically.

This is definitely an area which is going to take some exploration and figuring out.

Step 3: Be Kind to yourself

Yeah, this took some doing. But now, I think I am at peace with where I am at – at least I have stopped berating myself.

Now, to move on to exploring the changes and re-establishing my priorities.

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