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September 21, 2015

Here is this week’s 200 words project:

“People try to get away from it all—to the country, to the beach, to the mountains. You always wish that you could too. Which is idiotic: you can get away from it anytime you like.

By going within.”


Marcus Aurelius in Meditations: A New Translation****

Why do we go somewhere else, on a vacation?

Because where we usually live, our normal habitat is a constant reminder. It cues us sub-consciously, unconsciously and consciously our habitual way of thinking and doing. Going away to a new place removes these cues – and we feel free to act / behave in a new manner, maybe just for a little while before our habitual patterns take over again.

The change of scenery also makes us pay attention to, evaluate, and maybe appreciate or detest our nuw surroundings. We do not take many things for granted when on vacation in a new place. We tend to not be immersed in our heads. We look around – we are outside ourselves.

When on vacation, we know that we are on vacation. The intention is to relax. So it is easier to relax, with intention

The shock of change, the excitement and curiosity that change engenders – and the break away from our habits and our physical possessions – that is what helps us when we get away.

A break from our habits, a break from our stuff, a break from our intent, a break from our heads, being in the moment, back to that excitement and scare of being in the unknown – that is what going away on vacation provides, and it renews and refreshes us.

So, the question is this – how can you get away without actually going away? As Marcus says, “By going within”. But how?

The sub conscious cues are all still there. Maybe if we become aware of all our cues? Maybe if we own lesser stuff? Maybe if we can just be in the present moment? Maybe if we look at the world with new eyes with pre-conceptions stripped away? Is it even possible?

About the 200 Words Project

Once every week, on Monday morning, I will post my ‘200 Words Project’ post where I will ruminate on some idea which caught my interest in the current book I’m reading, or maybe (sometimes) from a blog post or podcast – in 200 words or more, never less!

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