Pacific Grove weekend trip – my packing list

June 10, 2014

In my quest to travel light, I posted last time about eM’s packing list for our weekend Pacific Grove trip. This time, I’ll talks about what I packed for me.

On the way in, I wore a dress with 2 pockets, leggings and a cardigan. This was the only outerwear I took on the trip and it worked out great.

I also wore my black Merrel Mary Janes. This turned out to be perfect – dressy enough, comfortable and can walk a lot in them.

I had a handbag and a cloth tote bag.

Tote Bag Contents:

My tablet, Tablet charger cable

Phone charger, Phone charger cable

Two dresses

I am partial to dresses – especially ones which are light, dry easily, wrinkle free (mostly synthetic fabrics, sleeveless, flowing). More on my dress obsession some other time

Two black full length leggings

I buy mine from Old Navy. These cotton leggings are comfortable , cool when required and warm when required. I wear the capri style leggings when its a little hot outside, but I still feel the need for leggings.

Two regular Bras

One cotton sleep bra

Three sets of underwear

Pajama top and bottom

Bathroom slippers

Camp/Travel towel – I didn’t need these since we were in a hotel.

Workout top and bottom, Vibram five fingers running shoes

I was too exhausted and relaxed to go running!

Toileteries Pouch


Spare Contact lenses

Contact lens solution

I ended up taking a large and a small container – since I didn’t realize I already had a small one in my bag. Need to skip the large one

Contact lens case

Body moisturizer filled in a GoToob

Face cream for acne

Face moisturizer

Deodorant spray

A roll on would be better choice next time



Eyeliner pencil

Small hotel size shampoo and conditioner

– Skip this next time.

[Bare escentuals</a foundation powder

]5 Bare escentuals warmth

2 small bushes for foundation and warmth _ us ethe ‘Contour and Buff’ brushes from this ultra cute set Ecotools brush set

Next time I need to take all my stuff in a backpack, and maybe get rid of my purse? Any ladies out there who have given up their purse / handbag when travelling? How does that work out for you? What do you use instead? A backpack? Or just pockets in jeans? I’m interested in learning how I can streamline this even more.

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