Side Hustle School Podcast – Cool Tool #6

This week’s cool tool is the Side Hustle School Podcast.

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Tool: Side Hustle School Podcast

Cost: Free

Type: Podcast

Works On: On Phones via Podcast App / Browser

Link :

What is it about?

Side Hustle School is a daily podcast by Chris Guillebeau. That’s right. An episode a day. The episodes are short- mostly less than 10 minutes. The weekly recaps and extended cuts run slightly longer – still less than 20 minutes.

It features stories of real people with busy lives – full time jobs, families and other commitments – who have income generating side hustles. All these people share the value of wanting to create more opportunity for freedom in their lives – and multiple income streams is a big step in that direction.

Chris provides details – what they did, what were they trying to do, what lessons we can learn from these stories, what steps we can probably take toward our own side hustle. He provides useful working models for everyone who wants a new source of income in a limited amount of time.

Why I like Side Hustle School?

Why am I fascinated by this podcast? It’s inspiring. I’m learning about the various kids of hustles, what kinds I would be interested in, various kids of marketing, learning about the different attitudes I can bring to my side hustle and might I expect from this. The tools out there, these steps I can take and what I can do for 20mins each day and see where the hustle ends up in.

You should definitely listen to a couple of episodes and see if it’s for you. Here are a few recommendations:

Episode 9 – The Craigslist Photographer

Episode 64 – Long-haired men create tribal identity

Episode 26 – These Resume Templates Make $462/month in Passive Income

Episode 83 – Bridesmaid-for-Hire Posts on Craigslist; Earns $20,000/Month

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April 20, 2017