Surina 7″ Wooden Crochet Hook – Review Conclusion

August 21, 2013

Here are my conclusions on the Surina wood crochet hook. As I mentioned in the [Part 1 of my review][1], there was no ‘love at first sight’ kind of deal with this wood hook. However I decided to give it a prolonged try to see if  I could learn to love it. Maybe I was just so used to using a metal hook that the metal vs. wood, blunt head vs. sharp head, thumb rest vs. no thumb rest was such a big deal that it clouded my judgement on what was really a very nice hook.

So I used this hook exclusively for one entire ball of yarn (the Angel Yarns Self Shading Baby Daisy) in my baby blanket. Also, I ended up using this yarn for one entire project – [the rope and tire crochet hook case][2] ( [the rope and tire crochet hook case][3]) and that used a different yarn – the Caron Simply Soft Solids.

By the end, about 10 hours of crocheting (at least!) I had warmed up to this hook. The yarn was no longer snagging at the pointed ends – indeed I now was ok with super pointed ends. Now, every time I picked up the hook, I held it in the most optimal position. I was still not very happy with how the yarn flowed over the hook – but it was acceptable.

However I still wasn’t in love with this hook. And then my other crochet hook arrived – this one made of wood as well, African Blackwood from [Turn of the Century][4]. I used that hook for a set of 20 chains and was in love. After that I tried using the Surina again – I just cannot go back to the Surina anymore!

So here is my final Summary:

Recommendation for Surina Wood Crochet Hook – Don’t Buy!




Very affordable – Costs approximately $8.00 plus tax


Handle is too thin (and I have ‘small – normal’ size hands for a woman’) – makes it difficult to hold and crochet for a long duration (more than an hour at a time …ouch!)

Yarn does not flow freely on hook. Looks like they coat the hook with some kind of a resin primer. The feel of it is a little sticky and not smooth.

Yarn tends to snag a lot on the pointed top and the tip of the hook – until one puts in enough time to get adjusted to this hook.

I prefer using the aluminium Susan Bates over this Surina wood hook. Of course – my number one preference now is my Turn-Of-Century Hook! More about that in another post.

[1]: “Surina 7” Wooden Crochet Hook Review - Part I” [2]: “Rope and Tire crochet hook case” [3]: “Rope and Tire crochet hook case - ravelry link” [4]: “Turn of The Century Crochet Hooks”

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