The Easy way

January 02, 2017

I don’t expect it to be a battle, and so it’s not.

We probably do this a lot—live with lifelong impediments only because we assume we’ve exhausted the simplest approach.

David Cain at Raptitude

“I tried it once and quit because it didn’t work for me the very first time.” Which are these in my life?

“These skills are so hard. Onerous hardship is the only way of becoming proficient in these skills.”.

“I find these ways of being really hard. But I still need to do them. Oh, this is so overwhelming.” Which are these?

Time Management, Learning, Shipping, Selling…

If I decide these were really easy, what would be the simplest, easiest way of learning and implementing these skill? How would I feel doing them? What would my approach be?

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