The Everyday Blogging Habit

June 24, 2013

Is something I am working towards. How is it going? The results are available for all to see an judge – not very well. However,I will persevere in this endeavour.

The challenge has been to find one slot in a day where I will sit down everyday without fail and type. For now, I have decided to suspend judgement on the quality of posts I write. It is important that I sit at around the same time everyday, for approxmately the same amount of time and write. Once writing becomes a habit, I will then worry about quality. Without the practice of writing how can I even dream of quality writing and quality thoughts?

Meanwhile, here is a link I found inspring. It from Quicksprout and is about blogging lessons one can learn from Seth Godin –

P.S. Though this blog is public, I dont know if anyone else will ever read. Even if no one else does read, I can use this blog as a refresher / bookmark of sorts.

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