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June 15, 2015

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Tool: https://tungstenhippo.com

Cost: Free

Type: Website

Works On: Any

Needs: Internet / Web Browser

Link : https://tungstenhippo.com/

I love to read, and I read a lot. However, I find that the problem with long books is that they take up a lot of time. This is unfortunately a problem for me since I cannot put a book down once I start reading it. And so, the short ebook is a great solution for a person like me – I get my reading fix, and it is mercifully short and will not impact everything else I need to get done.

How did I find Tungten Hippo? I follow another blog run by the same author, and when she started her site Tungsten Hippo, recommending books – especially short books I started following Tungsten Hippo as well. I first followed along just in the spirit of supporting her new venture. However in the past year, I have totally come to respect and love her recommendations.

I have found some really lovely books and really lovely authors – like these

The Bone Knife by Intisar Khanani, books by Lindsay Buroker, the Tor.com collection

I don’t like 100% of the books recommended here, but so far, I have liked about 90% and really love about 25% of the books – which is a great ratio. And the best part – each new recommendation leads me to discover new authors and more fun books.

The website is nice to use, quite pretty and of course the name is super cute. So if you are into books, especially short books, and are always looking for recommendations, you should definitely follow this site.


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