What To Do When It’s Your turn – Best book in December

January 09, 2015

Here is my December 2014 entry for ‘The best book I read last month’. What to Do When It's Your Turn - Seth Godin

What To Do When It’s Your Turn by Seth Godin is my pick for the best book I read in December.

December was a good month in reading. I binge read a lot of science fiction and fantasy. But I read some really good books of other kinds as well. Among those I read, “What To Do When It’s Your Turn” has been the most hard-hitting and inspirational.

Disclosure: I am fan of Seth Godin. I read his blog and have read his other books. I decided to treat myself to a paper book in November and decided to buy this book. Once I got it, I couldn’t wait to read it. So I opened the package, dropped the second copy off with my friend, and sat down to read it. (They sent folks a two copies even if you ordered one). And all I could read was about 4 pages.

This book is hard hitting – so much that I can only read it in chunks of 4 to 6 pages, even for my second and third reading. Anything more and I physically feel tired, mentally overwhelmed and cannot absorb what he says. Over the month though I completed the book in chunks and I seem to reach back for it every other day.

What I like:

The format is very interesting. The book design is quite different and beautiful. You can just flip through the pages and read the bold quotes and highlights or you can just read the essays. You can start and end wherever you like as well.

Seth says a lot in a few words. He showcases interesting quotes.

The book is inspirational, a kick in the bottom kind of book. I used this book as a kind of index to go read about the other people mentioned in this book.

Who should read this:

I would recommend this book to the do-ers who are in the cusp of doing something big (for them), or wannabe do-ers, or people who need inspiration while doing their doing.

(I would actually recommend people not interested in doing to stay away from it). I would also recommend this book for folks who think they need to enhance the creativity in their lives, creativity in whatever and everything they do on a day to day basis.

Depending on what stage of doing you are in, you might be inspired, or you might feel like a pile of stinky trash waiting to be taken out. Either way, it will motivate you to do something for the better.

What will you get from this book? I got a sense of how hard, bad, doing stuff is, but why we should do it and some mechanisms of coping with issues which will definitely pop up on the way.

I highly recommend the book (to the do-ers of course).


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