2014 – New Year Plans and Ideas

January 02, 2014

Its the new year. The beginning of the year is a very powerful motivation to start experiments, to start anything, to make changes in one’s life.  This year, I actually took the time to write down what I would like to try this year.

  1. A photography related goal – to restart SoFoBoMo.
  2. Photography related again – my LMMM challenge – ongoing, and later in the year to try the Leica For a Year challenge.
  3. Life Experiments – to try my version of a year of living without.

January – No Coffee month

The other months are going to be

– Meditate for 2 mins first thing in the morning

– Brush teeth at night everyday

– Floss teeth at night everyday

– Keep my office desk clutter free this month

– No Sugar month

– Exercise everyday month

– Buy nothing new month

– A blog post a day everyday month

– Vegan month (except yogurt)

– Cook everyday

– Yoga for 30 mins everyday

  1. To reduce the number of things I am involved in (already this is in conflict with the first three!)
  2. Lastly, document and relish everyday life. It’s a gift. It’s precious – and ephemeral.
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