The hidden winter

December 15, 2013

Winter, I have found is a very deceptive time.

On the outside, it is all about nothing happening,  rest,  relaxation and letting go and even death! But at the same time, I have found that it is a time of conception, of replenishment  of renewal, of seeds of ideas germinating in my mind – especially in the creative landscape of my mind.

Maybe without rest, the mind and being does not get to just settle down and contemplate all that has been done, all those which look like successes and which look like failures in the short term, and to just soak in the wide-wonderful-strange world that we live in.

Without the letting go part, maybe there is no room for new ideas, no space for expansion of the old ones. Without sweeping out the old cobwebs, there is no room to spin new ones.

Without the relaxation, the mind-being spins its wheels endlessly in the same rut, kicking up dust and cannot look through the haze, with tears streaming down its dusty eyes.

Come spring, the world sees what the winter wrought, the seeds of winter poke forth from the ground – and the world sees it. And calls spring the season of renewal. Is it?

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