Climbing trip to Smith Rock – packing list – May 2015

May 08, 2015

Smith Rock STate Park, Oregon

Yes. I have finally accepted it. I am a pack rat. I have almost never traveled light – any where, not even to work. However my interest in minimalism and simplicity have pushed me in the past year or so for me to at least try to be less of a pack rat. But nobody promised me that simplicity would be easy.

So one exercise which helps me in packing list is this:

  1. making a pre-trip packing list a few days, preferably a week before the trip
  2. Sticking to the list ( or at least updating the list when packing)
  3. Noting down what was used and what was not used during the trip
  4. Do a post-mortem of my list afterwards – what I did right, what I did wrong, and how should my packing list be next trip.

Of the above 4 steps, I have done Step #1 5 times so far. The rest, only once before. Here is the next attempt in my journey towards being a light packer.

Trip Details: Climbing trip to Smith Rock State Park, Oregon

Purpose of trip: Climbing

Duration: 4 days and 4 nights

Method of travel: Flying in to Redmond, OR and a rental care there

Accommodation during trip: AirBnB

More notes: I’m going with friends. An adults only, girls only trip. A friend and I will be pooling our heavy climbing equipment into one bag and checking it in. I plan to take some photos of us climbing and possibly some dusk photos of Smith Rock. I plan to download photos everyday and write my morning pages – so I need my laptop. I read before going to bed and on the flight. So my Kindle goes with me.

Given this, my packing list is as follows and my post-mortem notes are highlighted in red – what not to bring and green – what to bring

Smith Rock Packing List

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