Seasonal rhythms

May 06, 2015

Saucer Magnolia

The idea of seasonal rhythms and routines is a very interesting one. The idea is to tailor your rhythms to your seasons of life. In certain seasons, the routine needs be packed and stricter – narrow and dense and piercing. In certain other seasons, the rhythm is a slow, undulating, deeply satisfying thing with fewer items in it- broad and fragrant.

But how do you go about identifying these seasons? What have my seasons been?

Calling these seasons of the heart is almost as valid as calling them seasons of life since, in my case, it is almost dependent on my internal desires and how much I heed them.

The ‘spring’ of my heart – is the season where I have all my goals identified and I am working on them happily, exuberantly. But at the same time, I am playing – climbing and cycling to keep me fresh and happy. There is a bounce in my step and everything seems so easy to do, and so exciting. There are almost no chores in my life in this season – all tasks, everything is fun!

And then the ‘summer’ of my heart – the season where slowly, my greed for doing more, for being more overwhelms my common sense. I am still doing everything but the bounce is gone. I am almost dreadfully focused on goals and everything starts becoming work. The play, the things which feed my soul slowly start disappearing from my daily life. During the dog days of summer – everything seems such a slog, so difficult to do.

And then the winter comes suddenly – where I abandon all my goals and I just rest and rest and rest. My mind, my heart, my entire being needs a break from the constant doing of summer. After resting enough, I start playing and playing only. Everything seems barren on the outside – but deep within new seeds are sowed – all the playing calms me and prepares me for next cycle to begin again.

When the seasons of the heart are so different, my daily rhythms should complement the season. It is when I try to force one rhythm to al seasons – that is when I get into a whole lot of trouble and causes exhaustion and overwhelm.

So have you thought about the seasons of your routines?


Photo is a beautiful saucer magnolia which blooms outside my house.

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