Life as is

January 08, 2014

It seems in eastern philosophies, , one of the important things I’ve read to learn is to enjoy life – each moment as is. Enjoy the pleasure and sorrow in it. To accept life as is and enjoy it.

This is easier said than done… However once in a while, this seems so effortless and easy.

Baby not sleeping? Ok. Exhausted? Ok. Lousy day at work? Ok. Fight with husband? Ok. Amazing sweet guy and kids from daughter. Thanks! And OK. Dinner which fills the stomach and eases the gnawing hunger? Thanks and OK. Talk with a close friend? Thanks and OK.

I wonder why do these moments of effortless have occur? Why and how? And when they go away, you are back to being buffeted by emotions and trying hard to regain that content state of acceptance of everything, of giving up trying to control everything around, of seeing humor in everything.

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