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January 09, 2014

I have decided to add a category and write about the books I’m reading currently. I do read a lot, and it’s become hard to keep track of what I read when. And I think it’s fun to go back and read what one thought of a book at a certain point in time and how these opinions change over time.

Just Completed Reading: Longbourn by Jo Baker

From: Ebook from the public library

Rating: So-So

(Rating Scale: Awesome, So-So, Boring)

What I Think: I enjoyed reading maybe the first third of the book. After that it became a drag. After the novelty of characters wore off, I didn’t find the characters that engrossing. There were some great lines in the book, and the author’s descriptions were pretty decent.

Overall, if you like to read, and have nothing else to read currently, I would only then  recommend reading this.  I certainly won’t be rereading this again.

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