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November 03, 2014

In the morning, have you ever woken up happy, with a smile on your face. A head brimming with ideas and projects? So many ideas and projects that you are exhibiting repressed energy symptoms even without your morning cup of coffee? That’s how I feel this morning,. And it felt good and I felt great. I have so many ideas and I am unstoppable.

However, there is this thought I never used to believe. That any idea by itself is worthless. A bad execution is worth 1$ and a great execution is worth 5$. A great execution of a great idea – worth millions. Ideas are just a multiplier of execution

Well, now I am a believer.

What happened to me is this. Most of my great unstoppable ideas – they all tend to fall flat when I try to plan the execution. That is right – not even try to execute – but just the planning phase for executing the idea.

And then there are a bunch of ideas which could be good. But to implement them , I need to collect the materials, research and write long-term before it can even materialize in the simplest format.

These ones seem to just die because however good the idea is, it takes too long or I don’t want to do that much work or spend that much time on them.

But then there are some ideas which stick around and refuse to go away and leave me in peace. I start and give up. But the idea refuses to die. So I start again and go longer this time, but give up. The idea still doesn’t go away.

At this point I give up. I say ‘All right idea,. You refuse to go away. So I will implement it this time, for good until you are satisfied and you leave me in peace’.

And the blog you are reading is one such thing. I have started a few written word blogs in the past, but never been able to sustain it beyond a month. But the idea never died. It has always  incubated and come back stronger.

So folks, the moral of the story which I am making it up is this (making up the story? Or the moral? You can figure it out):

If there is an idea in your head which refuses to go away, which has been with you for years, which just refuses to leave you in peace, give it a go and see what happens. You will be amazed at where it takes you.


From Kevin Kelly’s interview by Tim Ferriss

** “I’d try to give everything away first, and then I’d try to kill everything, like, “No, that’s a bad idea,” and then it’s the ones that keep coming back that I can’t kill and I can’t give away, that I think, “Hmm, maybe that’s the one I’m supposed to do.” Because no one else is going to do it.”

– Kevin Kelly**


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