Superhuman by Habit – Best book in October

November 01, 2014

Here is my October 2014 entry for ‘The best book I read last month’.


‘Superhuman by Habit’ by Tynan is a very practical, down to earth, DIY kind of book on habit formation. Tynan has done a great job with this book – I found the writing is simple, straightforward and enjoyable.

What I like:

I like how he categorizes habits. I really like how he lists the pros and cons of each habit. After all to gain something you have to give up something, and what you will need to give up for a habit is very good to know. He has suggestions on how to use habits as well as on how not to use habits. And he has suggestions on how to quit habits. He also has some ideas on how to figure out how to identify what habits will serve you best to reach your life goals (and a section on how to figure those goals out).

This is in addition to general tips on the pitfalls you will encounter during habit creation, the psychology behind those pitfalls and how to overcome these obstacles.

I made tons of notes while I was reading this book, and I think this is one book I will be going back to read again and again.

Who should read this:

I would recommend this book for anyone who feels that they should be doing more with their time on an everyday basis. The persons who are interested in productivity, time management or trying to create would be well served reading this book. Of course, those persons, anyone who is interested in forming habits, or those who are in the middle of habit formation. It is an interesting book which will improve your self-knowledge.


Kindle ebookSuperhuman by Habit: A Guide to Becoming the Best Possible Version of Yourself, One Tiny Habit at a Time

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