On Routines – The Dark Side

June 12, 2013

As amazing as routines are, they also have their own detrimental effects – like everything else.

For example, this morning, I woke up late – 2 hours later than usual. this threw my usual routine out of the door and I had to improvise and scram… This left me snappy and mean and in a hurry – overall an unhappy start to a day!

I kept thinking, if i were not so dependent on routines, maybe I would be more graceful in adapting? This is the biggest problem with routines – as I see it . A dependence on them makes you less flexible, and we all know how life keeps changing all the time!

The other problem is this – once a routine is set, I tend to try to stack on more stuff to do until the routine itself becomes so complicated that it implodes. And then there is this issue of routine evangelizing – if it works for me, I tend to try to push it on other members of the family – which is ok up to a certain extent – after which it becomes tedious.

So I need routines in my life, but I need to be vigilant about them and not get too dependent.. balance in using this tool as well.

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