Pushing Through

June 13, 2013

The lessons I have been learning just watching my baby have been amazing. For about a month and a half, she could roll over to be tummy down – but could not roll back.

On her tummy, she would try and try to roll back, could not figure it out. She would then bang her head against the floor a couple of times, let out a big sigh and rest her forehead on her hands. Then she would take a deep breath  lift her head up, try to push off on her hands and try to roll back. This would go on and on for about 15-20 minutes. Then she would start wailing for help. Once an adult would help her to sleep on her back, she would maybe play for 5 minutes on her back, then roll over on her tummy .. and the process begins all over again.

I was amazed at her persistence, at how she would get frustrated, how she would take a break, a deep breath and try and try and try.

When, in our growing up phase, do we lose this amazing persistence and ability to deal with frustration? How many adults we know can try so hard and keep trying, and not let frustration get to you? And then try some more and never give up until they succeed? How many of us actually push through the difficulties we face on our way to achieving what we want, without resorting to excuses and blames and other cover ups?

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